Return policy

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1. General information

1.1 Definitions

1.) Terms and Conditions - These Terms and Conditions governing the purchase of the online store at

2) Shop - an online store at;

3) Seller - Company L'AVENOIR with its registered office in 23 Października 54a Street, Tarnowo Podgórne 62-080, POLAND, NIP 781 194 78 43, REGON 367470371, Phone: +48 509 900 549, e-mail:;

4) Customer - natural person, legal entity, unincorporated entity that successfully purchased the product;

5) Product / Products - limited collection of women's clothing by L'AVENOIR.

1.2 Product Information

All products offered in the store are new, based on designs by L'AVENOIR and are protected by copyright. Products are made in unique designs as well as in limited series (information about the uniqueness or uniqueness of the Product is attached to its description). There may be differences between a copy of the same Product design, a photo of which has been placed in the Store and another copy of this product pattern ordered by the Customer, while the difference in detail of Products of the same series it results from the specificity of the performance of these Products. Seller reserves the right to change the color of the Products resulting from the discrepancies shown in the Product image and the original photographed Product. The seller informs that Products because of their unique nature should to be used only for their intended purpose and stored in a manner consistent with their properties. Product cleaning should be carried out according to the information included with the Product (tag). Any complaints made by the Customer resulting from the lack of knowledge of the specificity of the Products referred to above, as well as from non-observance of the rules of dealing with Products described in the Regulations, will not be considered by the Seller.


1.3 Price

All prices of Products listed on our website are in PLN and in EURO.

All prices of Products included tax.

All prices do not included shipping price.

Seller reserves the right to change the prices of Products

2. Changing an order

The Seller authorizes the Customer to make changes to the order submitted until the Seller sends an email to the Customer's web address confirming that the Order has been sent. Until the Seller sends the indicated email above, the Customer may also withdraw the order.


3. Delivery time

The Seller ships Product to the Customer in 7 working days. In the case of individual orders or personalized order, the order fulfillment time is up to 14 business days.

In exceptional cases, for example, if the ordered product is not currently available in the Store, the Seller accepts a longer deadline for the order, which Seller is obliged to inform the customer in the confirmation e-mail of the order.

Workdays are considered days of the week excluding holidays (Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays).

The Ordered Product is sent by the Seller to the Customer via courier company.


The cost of shipping:

- Europe (EU countries) PLN 100.00,

- Europe (non-EU countries) PLN 150.00,

- US PLN 150.00,

- Canada PLN 150.00,

- United Arab Emirates PLN 150.00,

- Russia PLN 150.00,

- Australia PLN 190,00.


The Seller reserves the right to change the cost of shipping related to the execution of a particular order, due to its value, the quantity of Product, the specific nature of the Product requiring special packaging for transport.


4. Payment Method

The shop provides the following payment methods for the Products:

1. Transfer to the Store account:

BANK ACCOUNT IN PLN: 46 1050 1533 1000 0092 4249 6850

BANK ACCOUNT IN EUR: EURO 66 1050 1533 1000 0092 4249 6975



In the title of the transfer should be indicated: the order number given in the email confirming the order.

2. Credit / PayPal / Przelewy24  - real-time payment by using payment methods indicated in the Store.

Customer is obliged to pay in 3 days.

5. Receipt

To all orders Seller provides receipt.


6. Shipment damage

Customer is obliged to check shipping package before confirm the delivery. If there are some visible damages, Customer should inform about this fact courier company and Shop.


7. Returns

The customer can return the product within 14 days of receiving it.

The returned product must be intact and wear-free.

Returns do not apply to personalized products.


8. Complaint

If Customer discovers defects within 2 years from the date of purchase, Customer may exercise warranty rights by submitting a written complaint to Seller's address or email:

The Seller will process the complaint within 14 days of the delivery of the advertised product by the Customer.


9. Privacy Policy

By registering at the Store, the Customer agrees to store and use the Personal Data stored on the registration form for the purpose of order processing and complaint processing, and for communication and marketing purposes (providing the Product offered through the Store). These data are not processed or used by the Seller for any other purpose. The shop processes your data in accordance with the law and in a confidential manner. The store does not transfer, sell or share with other Customer, personal information collected. In accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, Customer has the right to access, rectify, request, discontinue, and demand their removal. The Customer may agree to receive (at e-mail address) information related to the Seller's offer and its commercial and creative activities. Seller informs that when installing the Shop's services on the Client's computer, cookies are installed. File installation is required for proper service provision. The file installation details include the Privacy Policy.